Refund or Cancellation Policy

If the client requests for a refund of the entire solution, in that case IT WAVES will not refund the total amount of the project as the product delivered is a service based product. Payments once made are usually not refundable. However, in certain circumstances we may provide partial refund as outlined below:

Kickoff Payment

Full refund shall be provided if the client decides to discontinue the services within 72 hours of signing the Agreement, provided the Code brew has not assigned a project manager and / or team to the said project. For the sake of clarity, if IT WAVES has assigned a project manager and team to the client before 72 hours and the same is intimated to the client via email, the client cannot request a refund.

Milestones Payment

It is hereby understood that the client shall make milestone payments after reviewing and accepting the deliverables provided by our team at the end of each milestone. It is hereby understood by and between the Parties that once a milestone payment is received, the client has accepted and approved the project deliverables presented to him and therefore the said milestone payment stands non-refundable.

Contact Us

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